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Dr. Christian Sasse to Present on March 25

February 29, 2020

Dr. Christian Sasse will give a presentation on Eagles in Super Slow Motion and Fractal Patterns of the Milky Way on Wednesday March 25 at 7:00 pm at the Lions Society West Langley Hall.

Guests are welcome to attend and are asked to pay a $10.00 admission fee. If you join the Langley Camera Club within 30 days of paying a Program Night admission fee, that $10.00 will be applied to your membership fee.

Featured in National Geographic and Nature, Dr. Christian Sasse explains how he captures the dynamic flight behavior of bald eagles in slow motion and how he creates his unique star trails which resembles a gigantic cosmic clock. One of his eagle slow-motion videos went viral on Facebook with over 17 million views in August 2019.

About Christian

Dr. Christian Sasse’s passion encompasses both eagle photography and astronomy. His academic background as an electrical engineer and physicist, particularly his knowledge of optics and the physical properties of light, has shaped his photography. His photography uniquely captures colors and patterns due to his keen sense of how his objects reflect, refract, diffract and transmit light.  

Dr. Sasse runs a popular YouTube channel where he uses innovative techniques to bring wildlife and astronomy to his subscribers – an experience that immerses his viewers into an active dialogue during his live events.

In 2017 and 2018 Christian’s photography was featured in National Geographic articles on astronomy and eagles and by Nikon USA.