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Photo by Kayla Stevenson

Image Evaluation – Scoring and Judging

On Evaluation Night the submitted images are judged by three judges. The judges are usually invited qualified guests from outside the Langley Camera Club. The judges will award a score of 1–10 points per image, based on the criteria for judging photographic images according to the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) suggested guidelines. The scores are then totalled for a final image score.

Image titles, but not the maker’s name, are announced when the image is first presented. Then the judges comments are read out, followed by the image title, the image maker’s name and the resulting score.

Criteria for Evaluation of the images

Judges are invited to judge at the Langley Camera Club because of their experience, knowledge and personal style. The club suggests that the judged consider the following facets of an image:

  • Visual Impact: “Wow factor”, use of colour, form, point of view, proportion, tells a story, sparks the imagination
  • Achieving Message: To achieve purpose it is important that the message is evident.
  • Subject Matter: Is the subject interesting? Does it demonstrate a unique way of seeing the world? Is there a clear subject/center of interest? In the Theme category, the theme must be clearly evident.
  • Composition: Does it bring our attention to the point of primary interest? Does it take advantage of elements in the scene and/or successfully hide or minimize unwanted elements
  • Technical: Focus, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, Lighting and Exposure are executed in a manner that is effective.


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