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Photo by Arnold Richardson

Criteria For Images


Only members in good standing (members with their dues paid in full and membership forms up to date) may submit images for evaluations, club competitions and presentations. Memberships are good for one season and expire annually on September 30th.

Original work only

All images, (in whole and any part thereof,) entered into evaluations and competitions, must be the original work of the member and the creative effort of only ONE maker, including any post image capture adjustments and software application processes applied to the image. Producing a print from an image, may be done by the member, or by another party (outside lab or another‟s home printer).

Construction of image

Images for evaluations must have originated from a camera or other light recording device (i.e. objects laid on a scanner). Any manipulation of any image is permitted provided the techniques are employed by the submitting author. Please keep in mind that images projected at the club may differ in appearance from your home projection systems (calibration, light intensity, etc.). What may be in shadows on your own equipment may be more visible in another presentation with different equipment. It is the responsibility of the member to have their equipment calibrated to minimize any discrepancies.

Photographing other artist’s artwork

2-D – Paintings, Photographs, Sketches, Graffiti etc. and 3-D: Sculpture, Architecture etc., and other similar pieces of originality. Should a part or whole of your image‟s subject be of someone else’s original material it is permissible, as long as the artwork used in the image may not be confused as your original piece of art. Langley Camera Club’s intention is to honour and recognize all artists‟ copyrights and trademarks according to the local jurisdiction.

Images of minors

For the purpose of presenting images for Langley Camera Club events, images of minors, where the subject in the image is not the makers own dependent(s), or those of their immediate family, (i.e. a niece, nephew or a grandchild,) the maker must have permission from the parent or guardian of the minor in the image to display that image at the club. Parent/Guardian permission is NOT required to display images at club of minors that were taken in a public place or at a public event. Any model release form that may be required by local jurisdictional law is the responsibility of the maker.

More Details

For more information, please download Criteria of Images for Evaluation (PDF Document).

Dusk in Venice by Denise Roussel
Funicular Fun in Lisbon by Barbara Cameron
Cliffside Village of Manarola by Kayla Stevenson