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Photo by Pat Ellingson


The Langley Camera Club enters competitions hosted by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and several regional competitions. Many of the competitions we enter as a club are hosted by CAPA, and there are rules are specific to each CAPA competition. Please read CAPA’s rules & guidelines for each competition before preparing your submission.

The club also enters several regional competitions, including:

Technical Details

The required sizing for CAPA is maximum 1400 pixels wide X maximum 1050 pixels high. Other competitions may have different sizing requirements. Be sure to size your images correctly. Your submission may not be accepted if sized wrong.

  • Files must be in JPEG format.
  • Files must be in the sRGB colour space.

Please use this email address to submit your image for consideration: [email protected] 

Submission Details
  • You will submit your image to the club first. Then the club will submit our club’s official entry.
  • Maximum submission for the club’s entry is ONE image per maker, PER competition.
  • You may only enter as a member of ONE club for each competition. Some people are members of more than one club.
  • Images must be submitted by the club’s deadline to be considered.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to the Competitions Coordinator

Image Submission Process
  • You don’t need to be an individual member of CAPA to participate in our club submissions.
  • If you have previously won or placed with an image in a CAPA competition, you may not enter it again.
  • Send your image to [email protected]
  • Specify in in the subject line which competition you are submitting to.
  • Send one image per email.
  • No name or watermark is permitted on the front of your image.
  • Name your image with your Name plus the image Title separated by a dash (Sally_Brown-The_Wild_Rose.jpg).
For Print Competitions
  • Please prepare your prints as outlined in that competition specs and Label your print on the back, right hand top corner with your name, club, competition, email, phone number and image title.
  • Submit a jpeg for viewing purposes during the competition.

Sparkles in the Snow by Ruby Jaggernath
Tapestry of Circles by Bob McNeill

Selection Process
  • A competition selection committee will review and score the images submitted for each competition. This is done anonymously.
  • There may be more submissions than the entry limit, so please be aware your image may not be selected for the final club entry.
  • Each selection committee member scores the images according to the rules of that particular competition
  • The scores are sent back to the Competitions Coordinator who tallies the scores.
  • The top scoring images will comprise the club’s submission.
  • If your image is chosen for the club’s submission, the score you receive from the judging at the competition will go towards your Outside Competition Aggregate.
  • If your image is not chosen for the club’s submission, you will receive 10 points toward your Outside Competition Aggregate for participating.