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Sharon Tenenbaum to Present on Feb 26

January 30, 2020

Sharon Tenenbaum will give a presentation on Transforming Your Photos Into Art on Wednesday February 26 at 7:00 pm at the Lions Society West Langley Hall.

  • How to tell a visual story – this presentation will tie into and set the background for the next presentation (about 30-40 min)
  • Creating multi-media images – enhancing your photography with hand painted embellishments, gold leaf and resin. (about 30-40 min)

Guests are welcome to attend and are asked to pay a $10.00 admission fee. If you join the Langley Camera Club within 30 days of paying a Program Night admission fee, that $10.00 will be applied to your membership fee.

About Sharon

Sharon Tenenbaum is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer. Sharon has a body of work that spans from sharp and crisp black and white photography to colourful hand painted multi-media images.  She teaches photography workshops around the world as well as courses at Langara College in Vancouver, BC. Sharon’s artwork is available for purchase as well as customized commission pieces.

Sharon tenenbaum was educated as a Civil Engineer in Israel and practicing as a Professional Engineer in Vancouver Canada.  In late 2007 she made a decision to part from engineering in order to pursue her passion for photography after being inspired by a life-changing journey to South East Asia.  Her passion for photography started with street photojournalism, yet combined with her original background as a Civil Engineer, her work covers a wide gamut of subject matter from ‘in the moment’ Photojournalism to Fine Art Architectural Photography which is a perfect marriage of her engineering and artistic sides.  In a relatively short period, she has managed to define an artistic direction and distinctive style in her work, acquiring international recognition in the process.  Sharon has numerous fine art international awards and her work has been published in several magazines including National Geographic.

As a Photographer, Tenenbaum is a self-taught artist, having learned her craft through personal research and practical experience behind the camera.  In her work, she incorporates a Long Exposure technique to expand the expressive dimensions of her art.  Although an artist at heart, Sharon enjoys teaching and sharing with others her photography techniques and vision.  She teaches Fine Art Photography Workshops around the world as well as at Langara College in Vancouver BC. Sharon also has a variety of digital teaching products.

Visit Sharon’s website to read more about her work and artistry.

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