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Ted Karlsalr to Present on Nov 27

October 31, 2019
Ted Karlsalr of Omnilargess

Ted Karlsalr of Omnilargess will speak at the Langley Camera Club Program Night on November 27. His topic will be New Local Adjustments in Lightroom.

With more than 30 years as a photographer, Ted believes exposure is the master key to unlock the potential for great photographs. Regardless of the media you use – digital or film – exposure is very important for capturing the image; it is considered to be the technique of photography, whereas composition is the art of photography.

Join Ted on this learning journey, so you too will be able to masterfully use exposure and composition for stunning photographs.

Ted started Omnilargess Services in 2005 as a new area in digital imaging to teach digital photography classes and image editing. In 2014 he opened up a new equipment rental department to help his students exploring pro lenses, bodies, and lighting systems.

Join us on Wednesday evening November 27th at 7 pm in our usual meeting place at the Langley Lions Society West Langley Hall, 9400 208 Street, Langley, BC  V1M 2Y9 to learn more about using local adjustments in Lightroom. Guests are welcome to attend to see what the club is all about.

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